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Dr. Cathy Alinovi -- veterinarian, pet lover, and nationally-celebrated author -- knew she wanted to be an animal doctor since she was nine years old. Her mission then was simple: to make the world safe for dogs; and her mission now -- Healthy Patients! -- is just as powerful! Relentlessly committed to her patients' care, Dr. Cathy is quickly gaining national recognition for her integrative approach to animal health.

She began her veterinary education at the Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine and also holds a Master of Science in Epidemiology from Purdue, but quickly realized that conventional medicine met some, but not enough, of her patients' needs.

So, rather than settle for what she knew was falling short of meeting the demands of her growing practice, she again went back to school and became certified in animal chiropractic care. And -- of course -- her passionate commitment to animal health wouldn’t let her stop there. Since then, she’s also become certified in Veterinary Food Therapy, Veterinary Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Therapy, and Aromatherapy.

When asked what training is next, Dr. Cathy says, "whatever my patients need me to learn." Dr. Cathy is owner/veterinarian of Healthy PAWsibilities (formerly Hoofstock Veterinary Service) in rural Pine Village, IN and her practice philosophy is that basic veterinary care should be afforded to all; and the heart of every exam within her office includes “the food talk.”

To help her clients on the path to good food, she co-authored Dinner PAWsible, a pet food cookbook that uses people food to make yummy balanced meals at half the cost of grocery store pet food. These easy to make recipes please both dog and cat palates, can work to stop shedding and help treat “leaky gut” issues which are common in most of her patients. Dr Cathy treats 80% of what walks in the door -- not with expensive prescriptions -- but with adequate nutrition.

Amy Balser received her degree in biology and animal behavior from Ball State University and has spent a lifetime working with animals. She was a professional zookeeper at an accredited zoo for 15 years working with a variety of large and small exotic animals. Amy also is very involved with horses, operating her own stable, giving riding lessons and showing her horses at a high level of competition.  Amy is a certified Equine Body Worker (Equinology) and now provides equine massage at Hoofstock Vet Service.

Troy Jenkins prefers to be the one who makes it all work behind the scenes but jumps in when needed.  After hours, he assists with all aspects of clinic operation.  When you don’t see him is when he’s fixing the lumps and bumps that happen with daily business.  He is building manager, facilities and groundskeeper and a great chef!

Leslie Rice was born and raised in Warren county. She is a graduate of Indiana State University and member of Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority. Leslie is the biggest kittie lover ever, or any dog really, don’t be surprised when she gives your dog a kiss and hug at appointment time. When not kissing the puppies, Leslie mans the front desk and phones – she’s that smiling voice on the other end of the line when you call – ready to help with whatever we can do to help you and your pets.

Smokey has been on staff the longest. From greeting church goers down the street to our clients in the office, he is head of the reception committee. Careful – he licks!!

Kenny is a diminutive tiger, gracing us with his presence. Still not too sure about dogs, he certainly warming up to clinic duties and is happy to teach Fanta a thing or two about the world.

Fanta is our newest addition. Found on the side of the road in Hoopeston, covered in fleas, mud and excrement, he is a stunning cat. Don’t be surprised if he scratches at the door – he just wants to be included in exam room activities.